Street Sign Kit

The Street Sign Kit is a set of customizable street name signs by Gentek, not to be confused with the Road Sign Kit.

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There are 8 different variants included in the Street Sign Kit, with the following "keywords" in each variant:

  • Styles
    • Corner - Signs are mounted on the side edge of each sign.
    • Cross - Signs are mounted on top of each other, centered on the pole.
  • Lengths
    • Long - Supports up to 13 characters on each sign.
    • Short - Supports up to 7 characters on each sign.
  • Directions
    • Double - Two signs are mounted at a 90° angle from each other.
    • Single - Only one sign.

All signs are 1 prim each, except for the Corner/Long/Double and Cross/Long/Double variants.

Street Naming

It is up to the user as to what to name their streets, but remember that the absolute maximum length is 13 characters (however ST, RD, AVE, etc. are abbreviated as one character). For urban areas, it's highly recommended to use a grid system, which will allow you to use the Short sign variants everywhere (as well as more effectively communicate locations to emergency responders, etc.)

To name the signs, click them and select "Name Upper" or "Name Lower" (or, for the Single variants, just "Name") and enter text into the textbox. For Short variants, the maximum length is 7 characters; for Long variants, the maximum length is 13 characters. Lowercase letters can look strange (particularly lowercase g, j, p, q, and y) so we recommend using all uppercase lettering - although this is up to you.

Supported characters are A-Z, a-z, 0-9, abbreviation codes (see below), and the following special characters:


NOTE: The < and > characters are arrow icons in v1.1 and above. However, since both sides of the sign are the same, you will have to get creative with how to use them. Unfortunately, this is a drawback to how the sign is designed, and fixing it would add an extra prim, which is unnecessary in most applications.


All street signs support abbreviations, which are 2 to 4-letter abbreviations that fit in a single character. To use abbreviations, you just put their code into the naming field, like so:

Main {ST}
Sunset {BLVD}
4{TH} {AVE}

All abbreviation codes are surrounded by curly brackets - { and } - and the code counts as a single character. Multiple abbreviations can be used in a single name, as well.
Below is a list of all abbreviation codes:

  • {AVE} - Avenue
  • {AV} - Avenue (shorter version, looks better)
  • {BLVD} - Boulevard
  • {CT} - Court
  • {CIR} - Circle
  • {DR} - Drive
  • {HWY} - Highway
  • {LN} - Lane
  • {ND} - "nd" suffix for 2nd, 32nd, etc.
  • {PKWY} - Parkway
  • {PL} - Place
  • {RD} - Road (or "rd" suffix for 3rd, 43rd, etc.)
  • {ST} - Street (or "st" suffix for 1st, 21st, etc.)
  • {TH} - "th" suffix for 5th, 17th, etc.
  • {WAY} - Way


All signs can be colored one of the 4 default colors: Dark Green, Light Green, Blue, and Red. Additionally, PSDs are available for adding personalized seals, etc. to your street signs:
"Corner" Variants PSD
"Cross" Variants PSD
The text color can be changed manually by selecting all faces except the two sign faces, then editing the color.

Deleting Scripts

Although the scripts are designed to have virtually no impact when the sign is not being edited, you can remove them from the object. However, this will prevent you from editing the sign in the future.
You can remove the single script by deleting it from the object or clicking the sign and selecting "Del Script".

Support, Updates, and Release Notes

For support, contact Nelson Jenkins in-world.

You can check for updates by rezzing the Street Sign Kit Updater.

  • Upcoming (Delayed) - v1.2
    • Added specular maps (text & default colors only)
    • Added region-wide script deleter (due to an unfixable bug where Del Script option may not work when linked to a large object)
    • Reverted alpha masking to alpha blending due to visibility complaints
  • v1.1
    • Added arrow icons for < and > (although of limited use due to the sign being the same on both sides)
    • Letters now alpha masked for correct lighting
  • v1.0
    • Initial public release