The IntelliLight system is a set of lights and switches available as a Builder Kit as well as a standard API for basic simulated electricity. It is not currently for sale.


The IntelliLight is not a plug-and-play system. It involves considerable planning and configuration to operate correctly.
Because of the decentralized nature of the system, it is recommended to first set up lights, then switches, then breaker panels. However, any component can be added in at any time.

Light Setup

  1. Rez the light of choice. Lights are named with a dash, e.g. "IntelliLight - Single Bulb".
  2. Open the _config notecard in the light. Change the INPUT circuit name to something easily identifiable. Multiple lights can share the same input circuit, so this does not need to be unique, but all lights on the same circuit will be in sync. You can change other settings if you like as well.
  3. Save the notecard and close it. The light should reset and turn on (except the Street Lamp, which is controlled by the region sun and may turn off during the day).
  4. If you are linking the light to another prim, link it and go into the Features tab of the Edit window, then change the physics shape type to None. If you are NOT linking the light, go into the Object tab, and check Phantom.

Switch Setup

This applies to the Dimmer and Rocker switches, as well as the Sensor, which acts as an automatic switch.

  1. Rez the switch of choice. Although switches are not required (e.g. lights can connect directly to breakers) they are normally useful for easier control.
  2. Open the _config notecard in the switch. In the OUTPUT lines, remove the default values and put the circuit names you used for the lights. Leave unused output lines blank; the switches will be hidden.
  3. If you are going to use a breaker panel, put its circuit name in the INPUT line. Otherwise, make the INPUT line blank. You can also set up the access settings; they are explained in the notecard.
  4. Save the notecard and close it. The switch should reset and all lights connected should turn off.

Breaker Panel Setup

  1. Rez the breaker panel.
  2. Open the _config notecard in the panel. In the OUTPUT lines, list circuit IDs that you want to control. These should be the same as the INPUTs in switches (or INPUTs in lights that you want to connect directly to the breaker).
  3. If you are going to use another breaker panel to control this one (e.g. a "master" panel), put another circuit ID in the INPUT line. Otherwise, leave it blank. Note that if this panel is going to be rezzed from a Buildbox, but the "master" panel is NOT, set the BYPASS setting to Yes. This will allow this panel to be controlled by a non-Buildbox-rezzed panel.
  4. Save the notecard and close it. The breaker should reset and all circuits connected should turn on.

Logic Switch Setup

The Logic Switch is a non-interactive, automatic switch that uses logic gates to control the output. This is mostly used for multi-switch installations (e.g. two switches controlling a single light) but can be used for practically anything.

  1. Rez the logic switch.
  2. Open the _config notecard in the switch. In the OUTPUT line, put the circuit ID that you want to control. The logic switch also supports multiple circuits separated by commas, e.g. "OUTPUT=Default1, Default2".
  3. In the INPUTA and INPUTB lines, put the two input circuit IDs. If you are using this as a NOT gate, only use INPUTA; INPUTB will be ignored.
  4. In the GATE field, put the type of logic gate you want to use. Supported gates (e.g. all standard logic gates) are listed in the notecard.
  5. Save the notecard and close it. The switch should reset and all circuits connected should turn on. The switch will then update whenever an input is changed. However, you should power-cycle both inputs to ensure their states are loaded correctly.


The IntelliLight switches and breakers can be textured and labeled. The following JPGs are provided as-is:

  • Rocker
    • Upper row is for "on" state, lower row is for "off" state. Switches are aligned left-to-right as shown in-world.
  • Dimmer
    • Switches are aligned left-to-right as shown in-world.
  • Breakers
    • Upper left is first, upper right is second, lower left is third, lower right is fourth. Each prim of 4 breakers requires a separate texture.

Make sure you always save and upload as JPG with the highest possible quality!


The IntelliLight API will be documented soon.

Updates & Release Notes

You can update your IntelliLight Builder Kit by rezzing the update box.

  • v1.0
    • Primary public release.

Builder Kit Post-Unboxing Instructions

It is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL that you perform these steps before ever using your Builder Kit!
This will set permissions on the products so that you can distribute them correctly. If you do not follow these steps exactly, copies that you distribute will be automatically deleted.

  1. Rez every single object in the folder (except the Updater). Select all objects simultaneously (shift-click).
  2. Open the Edit window and go to the Content tab, then check to see if you have a Permissions button:
    1. If you have a Permissions button when you open the Content tab in the Edit window, click it and uncheck all boxes in the window. Then, check the box next to the script icon (should be upper right), and check the box next to "Copy" under "Next owner" (far right).
    2. If you do not have a Permissions button, open each object's inventory and set all of the scripts' "next owner" permissions to COPY, NO MODIFY, NO TRANSFER. This should mean just unchecking the Transfer box on each script's properties. Do this for every single script in every single object.
  3. Select all objects simultaneously and set their "next owner" permissions to COPY, MODIFY, NO TRANSFER. This should mean just unchecking the Transfer box.
  4. In the Builder Kit folder in your inventory, delete all of the objects (except the Updater) so that you don't confuse them with the versions you are about to take.
  5. Take (not Take Copy) each object individually. This should return them to the Builder Kit folder. If not, drag them from your Objects folder into the Builder Kit folder.

Do not change the permissions on the _config notecards. Leave them as COPY, MODIFY, TRANSFER (full perms).
Make sure you review the Full Permissions Agreement to understand how you may distribute IntelliLight products. Remember, objects in violation of this agreement will be remotely deleted. Therefore, make sure you follow the above instructions exactly.

What is the Buildbox?

If you are a prefab builder, you may be interested in the Buildbox. It's a free, easy-to-use, super-fast alternative to expensive rezzer boxes, plus it's fully compatible with the IntelliLight, IntelliDoor, and Condor Elevator, so that multiple copies of the same prefab don't conflict with each other - a feature unique to the Buildbox!